Motorola PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP Free Download

Motorola has been going down as per market stats are concerned but it still got its charm within its power users. Just like Nokia, there was an addiction for Motorola mobile phones due to their unique look and better features and quality. If you own a Motorola mobile phone and looking to get Motorola PC Suite for Windows free download then I’m here to provide that for free.

Motorola PC Suite is a utility software which every mobile phone must have to control mobile phone via PC. If your mobile phone has got a microUSB port then you can easily connect and control your mobile phone from your PC.

Features of Motorola PC Suite for Windows

Before providing the download link to get Motorola PC Suite for free I’m going to share the features of this utility software so that you can know what all you can do with it.

If your mobile phone has got Bluetooth connectivity then you can connect your Motorola mobile phone with Bluetooth otherwise it can be connected with microUSB port i.e. standard USB cable. To get the best or highest data transfer speed use the official USB cable provided within the box when you purchased your Motorola phone.

Using Motorola PC Suite you can control your phone with your PC as I’ve already mentioned. You can create backup to keep your data safe, add, remove, edit contacts, read, send, delete messages and can even connect to internet.

The backup features works with contacts, messages and files stored on your phone. This clearly means that you can keep a copy of your contacts, messages and every file and folder stored on your Motorola mobile phone. You can easily transfer files and folders from PC to mobile phone and vice versa.

The user interface of the software is extremely good and simple. You’ll feel like you’re using a paid software as it looks very elegant

Motorola PC Suite for Windows free Download

There is also a calendar app in the software which allows you to synchronize any important dates like anniversary, birthday, etc. In case your mobile phone is lost then you’re still having calendar data safe.

Now I’m going to provide the direct link using which you can download Motorola PC Suite for free. You need to follow the link mentioned below.

So friends, this was the guide. I hope you find this software helpful and also its installation gets over without any trouble. Share this guide with your friends using Motorola mobile phones.

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